Parking Lots and Premises Liability

If you are injured in the parking lot of a commercial establishment, apartment building or other property owned by someone else, are you entitled to compensation?

In some cases, yes. The law firm of Newman Boyer & Statham Ltd. obtained a jury verdict of $379,366 for a 64-year-old woman who tripped and fell in the parking lot at a commercial shopping center in Country Club Hill. She fractured her left ankle, incurred medical bills of $30,000 and lost $2,200 in wages. To learn if you can be compensated for a slip and fall accident, speak with a Chicago premises liability lawyer.

To pursue a premises liability claim in which you were injured in a parking lot, you must determine who was in “possession” of the land or premises. Within the context of the law, a person or company “possesses” a property when:

  • The person is in occupation of the land with intent to control it
  • No other person has subsequently occupied it with intent to control it
  • A person is entitled to immediate occupation of the land and no one else owns the property

Such possessors could include a property owner, landlord, leasee or business proprietor. Multiple parties may be held responsible. Each case is unique, so review all potentially liable parties with your Chicago premises liability lawyer before pursuing a claim.

Causes of parking lot injuries may include:

  • Broken pavement
  • Inadequate traffic signs, markings or speed bumps
  • Slippery roads, caused by snow, ice or rain
  • Uneven curbs
  • Poor lighting at night
  • Inadequate security

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by: David A. Statham

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