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What Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Do for You?

According to the Brain Injury Association of Illinois, brain injury can result from a variety of factors ― including traumatic brain injury, oxygen deprivation, seizures and exposure to toxic agents. Although these factors can occur without someone’s wrongdoing, often brain damage is the result of someone else’s negligence or intentional harm. If you believe you… Read More »

Products Liability and the Illinois Consumer Protection Statutes

Recently, Newman Boyer & Statham Ltd. successfully negotiated a settlement for an individual who sustained an injury from using a defective table saw. If truly dangerous, table saws or other equipment may be fall under the umbrella of products liability law. Products liability  is an area of civil law designed to compensate individuals who have… Read More »

The Basics of Workers Compensation in Illinois

James Hamman, a Chicago workers compensation lawyer at Newman Boyer & Statham Ltd., recently settled a workers comp case for a truck driver who slipped and fell while making a delivery. Mr. Hamman settled the case for $240,000 on behalf of his client. While negotiating the settlement, the injured worker’s employer paid all of the… Read More »

Parking Lots and Premises Liability

If you are injured in the parking lot of a commercial establishment, apartment building or other property owned by someone else, are you entitled to compensation? In some cases, yes. The law firm of Newman Boyer & Statham Ltd. obtained a jury verdict of $379,366 for a 64-year-old woman who tripped and fell in the… Read More »

Have You or a Loved One Been a Victim of Drunk Driving?

Every day tragedies occur as a result of drunk driving. Intoxicated drivers wreak havoc on the road — putting you and your family at risk. Drunk drivers should be held responsible for their recklessness, especially if it caused harm to another. If you were involved in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, speak with… Read More »

Did You Suffer a Slip and Fall?

A negligence lawsuit for a slip and fall case is an example of an area of law known as “premises liability.” While thousands of people fall each year, if a fall is the result of someone’s negligence, then you may have the right to compensation. If a business owner, property owner or landlord fails to… Read More »

Oxygen Deprivation During Birth

Every parent hopes for a smooth, complication-free delivery of his or her child. Unfortunately, according to the Brain Injury Association of Illinois, oxygen deprivation occurs in roughly one in every 1,000 births in the United States. When the supply of oxygen is reduced or suspended, blood is diverted from the brain to the heart and… Read More »