Our fee policy

We offer free telephone consultations for any injury claim with no obligation. We’re paid only if you collect.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, we would like to help you. You will pay no attorneys' fees or expenses advanced until settlement or verdict.

Some things are rightfully yours

Some attorneys charge you for all the funds they collect for you. When our clients need help, we assist them in collecting their own group medical insurance benefits, car damage and rental car claims. We do not charge a fee for this additional service.

We advance costs for your claim

In Illinois, the law requires all attorneys to hold clients responsible for the expenses required to process their cases; however, we advance these expenses, interest free, to maximize the value of your claim and reduce your financial burdens.

No up-front charges

There is no charge for initial consultation. Our fee is contingent — it is a percentage of the money collected for you, payable only when your case is successfully concluded. All costs necessary to prove how the accident happened, and to maximize the value of your case, are advanced by us. If there is no recovery on your case, you owe nothing for fees or costs. We put those promises in writing for every client we represent.

We will find out if you are entitled to benefits from collateral sources and if a structured settlement is right for you. When we handle your injury case, we will handle your auto damage claim at no charge, and we will help you obtain a reasonable rental car rate.