Chicago Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Provide Compassionate Representation

Experienced legal counsel for victims of the most potentially devastating traffic accidents

The Chicago trucking accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Newman, Boyer & Statham, Ltd. know that any motor vehicle accident is a serious matter. But when one of the vehicles involved is exponentially larger than the others, matters can escalate from serious to devastating. Trucks cause some of the most horrific, long-term damages that can result from a highway disaster, and the lawsuits that result from such accidents proceed very differently from those based on other accidents.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an Illinois trucking accident, do not leave your legal matters to chance. Contact an experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Newman, Boyer & Statham, Ltd. today.

Semi-truck and 18-wheeler accident attorneys in Chicago understand the intricacies of truck crash cases

When two passenger cars collide in an auto accident, the drivers do not usually have a large company, corporate attorneys and a team of insurance professionals ready to start building their legal defense immediately. But truckers work for trucking companies, and trucking companies retain large insurance carriers, both of which are interested in one thing only: minimizing their liability for your accident.

A reputable trucking accident lawyer in Chicago understands that it’s essential to act quickly. We promptly investigate your accident and work to preserve evidence in your favor. By thoroughly examining the details, we can also help you determine who is truly negligent in your case.

Proving negligence is the key to obtaining compensation

Legally, you can only collect personal injury damages from the party whose negligent act caused your injuries. But a commercial truck accident attorney in Chicago knows that such cases may have many negligent parties. We can often find multiple levels of liability following a truck accident, including:

  • Negligent loading or overloading of trucks
  • Negligent hiring or unqualified drivers
  • Shoddy or ignored maintenance of vehicles
  • Overambitious schedules leading to driver fatigue or speeding
  • Defective mechanical parts or tire defects leading to brake failure or blowouts

A knowledgeable commercial truck accident lawyer in Chicago can help you determine the negligent party in your particular case and build an appropriate legal strategy based on that determination.

Trucking accident lawyers in Chicago ready to go the extra mile

When you need a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, contact The Law Offices of Newman, Boyer & Statham, Ltd. Our lawyers are qualified to represent you and fight to win the maximum compensation you deserve. We have offices in Chicago and Tinley Park and are happy to arrange home or hospital visits as necessary. Call us at 312.443.1998 or contact the firm online to arrange a free consultation today.