Trusted Chicago Bike and Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Protect the Most Vulnerable

Not all motor vehicle accident victims are protected by motor vehicles

When bicyclists and pedestrians are involved in traffic accidents, the injuries and other fallout are often quite severe. Bikers and pedestrians have almost no protection when other, larger vehicles come into contact with them, leading to major injuries of the head or spine, serious orthopedic injuries and even death.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a pedestrian or bicycle accident in the state of Illinois, you need to retain experienced legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected. Our knowledgeable pedestrian and bicycle accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Newman, Boyer & Statham, Ltd. will fight for your right to a fair and just compensation following your accident.

We understand the seriousness of such incidents

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents are common. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a pedestrian accident injury happens in this country once every eight minutes. Every 113 minutes, a pedestrian is killed in such a traffic accident.

In most cases, the pedestrian or cyclist is not at fault for his or her accident or injuries and may have a personal injury case. Most drivers regularly fail to give cyclists and individuals on foot the same courtesies they give other drivers, even though the law protects pedestrians. And many drivers simply do not pay sufficient attention to anyone else on the road in the first place.

Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are most often caused by:

  • Drivers who speed through residential areas
  • Failure of a driver to pay attention when backing out of a parking place
  • Failure to yield to people in crosswalks

Motor vehicles are not always involved in pedestrian and cycling accidents

Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys know that traffic accidents do not always involve a motor vehicle. When defects or hazards in roadways or public sidewalks cause injuries, the injured party may still bring a personal injury lawsuit to recoup damages. The liable party in such a case would be the government body or other entity responsible for maintaining the roadway, sidewalk or premises in question.

Chicago bicycle and pedestrian accident attorneys offer experienced counsel

The Chicago personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Newman, Boyer & Statham, Ltd., understand accidents can leave you feeling powerless. We help our clients fight back. Whether you have been hit by a car or suffered some other form of injury, we are ready to fight for your rights to compensation as hard and long as necessary. Call 312.443.1998 or contact us online in order to arrange your free consultation today.